June 13, 2024
20 gallon fish tank Filter

5 Best 20 Gallon Fish Tank Filter For Your Fish Tank In 2024

Do you need or plan to buy a 20 gallon fish tank filter for your aquarium?

If yes, But firstly, you should know what type of filter is best suited for such a fish tank. That’s because there are many different versions with their different working principle.

This article will cover how you can buy the best filter to use with a 20 gallon fish tank filter.

Now, let’s talk first about the best five 20 gallon fish tank filters suitable for a 20 gallon tank. Hence, In the end, you will be able to pick one of them to get the best filter for your small aquarium.

Which One 20 Gallon Fish Tank Filter Do You Choose?

You need to know about these three types of filters for 20-gallon fish tanks:

  1. Hang-on back filter
  2. Internal filter
  3. Canister filter

Let’s talk about all of these by one. So, you’ll know how to choose the best filter for the filtration system. I will tell you about each, and you’ll have the chance to select one of 10 of the best filters available in the shopping center.

I’ll not mention sponger pollutants on purpose. While sponger pollutants are veritably effective in lower fish tanks, they aren’t suitable for larger fences. I would not use sponger pollutants in fish tanks more significantly than 10 gallons.

Why is Fish Tank Filter Important for your Aquarium?

The first thing that comes to mind is Nitrogen Cycle that happens in aquariums. The nitrogen cycle in the aquarium is the natural process that naturally breaks down poisonous waste materials in the water and converts them into safe composites.

Without this process, keeping fish in an aquarium would not be possible. All wastes sink to the bottom of the tank and start to decompose by themselves.

We made a listing based on their features, prices, quality durability, the reputation of the manufacturers, and customer feedback. Also, we’ve included options for every type of customer so let’s get started.

How does an aquarium filter work?

Well, first of all, the aquarium filtration system is essential for your fish tank. It keeps the water clear and the entire tank looking good, but it does so much more than that. Fish tank filters help to break down the waste that the fish produce, which will help maintain good water quality in between regular water changes

now, how does an aquarium filter work? It can break it down into three primary functions, which are

  1. Mechanical filtration
  2. Biological filtration
  3. Chemical filtration

We are starting with mechanical filtration. It is probably the most apparent type of filtration. It collects the small debris floating in the water like a piece of dead leaf uneaten fish food or fish waste, it filters out and collects these wastes with a sponge act like sponge filter or mesh material, so it helps keep the water looking clean.

However, even if the debris is collected, it’s still in the filtration system connected to the same fish tank water, so it doesn’t improve the water quality. That’s the job of biological filtration. Most fish keepers would consider this the natural filtration system the primary type of filtration simply because it’s so much more critical for the fish. Of course, less debris floating in the water will keep the aquarium looking good.

What keeps the fish alive is biological filtration?

What biological filtration helps? When fish creates waste, it turns into ammonia and nitrite. That is dangerous for the fish, and it can make them very sick and even kill them if the concentration is high enough.

So biological filtration helps convert ammonia and nitrite into nitrate, which is less harmful, the nitrogen cycle. Now what’s interesting is that these filters aren’t converting these compounds, but it’s simply creating an environment for the beneficial bacteria to thrive in to do the job.

The beneficial bacteria convert the ammonia into nitrite the nitrite into nitrate. These beneficial bacteria need a lot of surface area and oxygen to grow on materials such as ceramic rings and bio-balls.

You may be amazed why this is usually required for small aquariums when fish don’t rely on any filtration system in nature.

Well, the truth is beneficial bacteria are everywhere, even in natural ponds, rivers, and lakes. If you’ve ever stepped on a river stone, you probably realized how slippery they are. That’s the bacteria living on the rock in an aquarium.

Since it’s a much smaller and enclosed environment, filter media must assist with this natural process while talking about biological processes.

Have you noticed that there’s nobody doing water changes in a natural pond, but fish is thriving in it well? That’s because there’s a bunch of beneficial bacteria doing their job.

All ammonia and nitrites convert into nitrates at the end of the nitrogen cycle. The plants are removing them out of the water, so if you don’t like doing water changes in your aquarium all the time.

Add aquatic plants to your aquarium. Of course, you never do water changes. Certain trace minerals can build up and cause harm to your fish, but once again, if you add a bunch of plants, especially the fast-growing ones, you won’t have to do water changes so often.

What includes in chemical filtration?

There’s chemical filtration. The less common type of filtration than mechanical and primarily biological filtration, not all aquariums use chemical filtration, but it can be helpful.

There are many different filtration media used for chemical filtration, and each has its purpose, but activated carbon is one of the most popular media used in chemical filtration. When you add activated carbon to your filtration system, it extracts dissolved waste. Compounds in the water can help remove chlorine and chloramine, dissolve proteins, tannins from bogwood, and foul odor.

It can be helpful since mechanical filtration is ineffective against waste dissolved in the water.

Earlier, we mentioned natural processes and how fish can thrive in nature without a filtration system. Let’s revisit that now; you may be wondering since fish and wildlife don’t rely on filters.

Can I set up my fish tank without a filter? 

Well, depending on the type of fish you keep and your setup, it may be possible. For example, fish like betta fish can breathe oxygen directly from the air, not just their gills. Because they come from a place that’s low in oxygen, their natural environment, but let’s not forget about the water quality.

Just because they can survive in low oxygen environments. It doesn’t mean they will thrive in terrible water conditions full of waste and full of ammonia without a filter. You probably need more water changes regardless of what type of fish you keep; let’s say you can get by doing only one water change per week now. If you try to set up your tank without a filter, you’re probably going to be stuck doing water changes much more often.

Without a filter, you would only be able to keep smaller fish or simply fewer fish in general in the same aquarium.

Once again, going back to the question, can I get by without a filter?

The answer is for most aquarium fish and most aquarium setups. You’re going to want an aquarium filter to go with it simply because there are many purposes that the aquarium filter serves, and especially if this is your first aquarium, you’re going to appreciate what the aquarium filters can do for you.

Let’s start with the best available in the market. Pick out the right as per your requirements.

20 gallon fish tank filter

1:Aqua Clear, 20 Gallon Fish Tank Filter

Aqua clear fish tank filters that offer superior contact time with filter media and the energy-efficient pump will lower operating costs.

Quick and easy install take place. We recommend cleaning the aquarium filter every two weeks for maximum operation and to increase its efficiency.

This fish tank filter is best for aquariums up to 30 gallons. Provides optimal mechanical, chemical, and biological filtrations to fish tanks.

It will include Aqua Clear Foam, Activated Carbon Filter, Bio Max, and Cycle Guard for superior water quality. Filtration capacity is up to 7 times greater than comparable fish tank filters.

20 gallon fish tank filter

2: GRECH CBG-800 5W UV Sterilizer Hang-On Back Filter, 20 Gallon Fish Tank Filter, Black

It’s similar in function to Hang-On Back, making it convenient for daily use. The design of the filter is to allow a simple installation and silent operation. Can control the flow rate of Water according to your aquarium needs.

While suitable for freshwater and saltwater aquariums. This water filter has an adjustable flow rate with the surface to eliminate undesired surface films in the fishing tank.

It helps to eliminate algae and bacteria, keeping aquarium water crystal clear. This suitable aquarium tank includes up to 20 to 50 gallons size, having dimension of (9” x 5” x 7”).

It can cover both aspects of biological and mechanical filtration. It comes with active carbon and bio media in a box.

So it is best if you give the impeller “flywheel” a little push to start as a magnet, sometimes stuck to a specific position when sitting in the box for an extended period.

20 gallon fish tank filter

3: Marineland Magnum Internal Canister Filter For aquariums 

An innovative piece of equipment that is environment-friendly. Wishing to create the ultimate aquatic showcase in your home. This aquarium is committed to fishkeeping success for fish lovers.

Whatever you’re passionate about, your fish tank, whether it includes freshwater or saltwater. Big or small is pretty useful. Its beauty makes your aquarium more attractive by its. It’s valid for up to 97 gallons of your aquarium.

Choose from a simple power filter, a continuous three-stage filtration system. This compact and versatile filter can filter 290 gallons of water.

Its box includes refillable media chambers house carbon of Activated Carbon. Replace the filters every two weeks to clean the micron cartridge monthly. It can easily clean water for a healthy aquarium.

The filtration needed to maintain an aquarium at its best depends on several factors. These factors include tank size and fish population.


4: Fluval U Series Underwater Filter for Aquariums

Use a primary filter for smaller aquariums or an additional filter for larger size aquariums. This design has an easy grip on the water control panel. It can be redesigned media cartridges to trap more debris.

An easily removable top lid allows quick and easy access to the filter cartridge for maintenance or replacement over a while.

It comes with a position horizontal for fish tanks and larger tanks with low water volume. Usually, create a decorative waterfall flow of water. It is a unique design for freshwater, saltwater, and reptile environments up to 40 gallons.

Filters also include a top lid that allows quick and easy access to the filter cartridge for maintenance or replacement with ease. In addition, they can be installed vertically against the aquarium. Follow customized flow patterns can be placed horizontally in shallow water tanks or create an attractive decorative feature like a waterfall.

The filter is ideal for fresh and marine views in the aquarium. It comes complete with the adjustable water flow control feature. It also includes bio max along with biological rings. The filter is suitable for aquariums having a capacity of 20 gallons to 40 gallons.

20 gallon fish tank filter

5: Cascade canister filter for your Fish Tanks

The canister fish tank filter has a quick and easy push-button. The unique design includes independent suction cups that can rotate 360-degree. The flow rate of the water can adjust by cut-off valves smoothly.

This filter comes with filter media of standard 2 Poly fiber Floss Pads, 1 Coarse Bio-Sponge, and 1 Bag of Activated Carbon. Also, it will help optimize the colonization of anaerobic bacteria. This filter traps floating particulate matter on top of the fish tank.

It also removes harmful and toxins chemicals from your aquarium. Clear the water from undesirable colors, and Discolorations reduce foul odors from your fish tank.

The Cascade Canister Filter measurements are 11.5” x 10” x 15”. It takes up to 110 Volts with a frequency of 60 Hz. Penn-Plax distributor gives you what you desire for your pets at a small and high level.


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