June 13, 2024

Trailer Plug For Your Long Journey

1: Nilight – 50050R 7-Way Trailer Plug Socket Extension CableĀ 

This traile wiring is specially designed to be an extension of the existing tow wiring of your truck. You are primarily plugging into a 7-way RV blade socket for connecting to 5th wheel wiring.

With its extra secure double-prong terminals, you will be able to create an extension. Hence, this excellent cable extension acts as a plug-n-play extension for your existing trailer harness without permanent installation.


It is working longer due to its durable construction and a reliable connection because the housing of the 7-pin socket comprises a durable molded black plastic material and consists of a spring-loaded dust-free cover to protect the connection points.

A perfect length of 3 ft solves your too short trailer line problem when you are on a long journey. It can easily connect to your trailer and your car by simple connection.

Usage over a broad application is suitable for all vehicles, including trailers, RVs, cars, boats, etc.

2: Nilight 50049R 7Way 8 Feet Heavy Duty Traile Cord

Wire Harness with a 7-way copper blade molded into a heavy-duty plug. It provides a fast and unique way for wires connection and keeping all your trailer wiring in order. It comes with durable construction of an 8 ft. long cord for soft and flexible connection.

Its durable PVC housing provides a loose link to the trailer. The perfect length prevents it from being strained during an emergency turn. Also durable in extreme weather conditions because of weatherproof and corrosion-resistant for a more extended period.

traile wire

Due to its Versatile Applications, it is perfect for connecting the tail, brake, reverse, turn signals, and auxiliary power of your trailers. You can use it for all purposes, for RVs, campers, caravans, food vans, and other towed vehicles.

Please read the manual carefully before performing any operations on the product. It comes with convenient wiring for seven colors coded wires and insulation with durable rubber.

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